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Let’s say you go to eat alone or with friends. Here it is often very tedious to calculate how much you should tip the waiter compared to your bill. Especially if you are with your friends .. Because it may not be clear exactly how much everyone will pay. Here, you can easily calculate how much you need to tip for each situation with the tip calculation application we have prepared to end this situation.

A tip is an extra money paid to certain employees for a service provided at venues such as restaurants or cafes. Tip amounts differ in different parts of the world. For example; In some countries in East Asia, such as Japan, tips are viewed as insulting or can be bribes. In countries like the United States, it may be compulsory to tip. However, when we look around the world, tipping is often optional.

In most countries, employees need a tip to earn a living. Therefore, it may be good for you to know the tip policy of the country you visit as a tourist. In some cases, tips may be included in the bill without you being told.

“How much tip should be given in which country?” or “In which countries tips are not expected?” You can find the answers to the questions on the map we have prepared below.

FAQ About Tip Calculator

What is a tip?

A tip is the amount of money (in bill to the extra) paid to the employee certain service you in places such as restaurants and cafes. The reason for this is to express the satisfaction of the service provided.

How much should I tip?

Purple: Don’t tip (Insulting people). Case in Japan, South Korea, Georgia and Iceland.

Light Blue: Don’t tip. (Surprise or confusing. You can embarrass the employee.) Case in Peru, Bolivia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Thailand.

Dark Blue: It’s not expected. (But if you do, it can pleasantly surprise people.) Case in China, Iran, Finland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Macedonia, Brazil and Paraguay.

Light Green: It’s not expected. (Rounding up the bill is a nice way to leave a small tip.) Case in Ireland, the UK, Portugal, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Sweden.

Dark Green: Maybe it can be expected. Case in France, Italy, Hungary, Greece and Latvia

Light Yellow: Maybe it can be expected (5% or 10%). Case in Ecuador, Argentina, Austria, Albania, Turkey and India

Dark Yellow: That 5-10% tip is expected. Case in Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania and Russia

Light Orange: It is good to tip around 10%. But don’t feel obliged. Case in Colombia, Slovakia and Estonia

Dark Orange: Do leave that 10% tip. Case in Cuba, Uruguay and Bulgaria

Pink: A tip should be around 10-15%. But is not expected, in Serbia.

Red: It is good to tip around 10-15%. Case in Canada, Mexico, Chile, Poland, Ukraine, Egypt and Armenia

Dark Red: Leave a tip of around 15-20%. Case in United States

Reference: bigthink.com

Who is the tip for?

Tipping can usually be given to waiters, bartenders, motorcycle courier and cashiers. Sometimes a tip can be left in the tip box.

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